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    听和(北京)国际商务咨询有限公司成立与2011年为 【PO AGENT& DELAWARE INTER】旗下独立运营公司之一。【PO AGENT& DELAWARE INTER】为客户提供无数创新及全面的管理解决方案。CORP SERVICES 公司由各国合伙人全资拥有并独立运营,【PO AGENT& DELAWARE INTER】与旗下听和国际的国内外紧密合作,为客户提供法律意见提供新经济信息资源公司。主要业务范围:涉及多个国家公司注册、会计报税、上市服务、公司年检服务及其他海外国家私人客户及信托基金、银行业务。

Delaware Inter Inc was established in 2011 as one of the independent operating companies in  [PO AGENT &

DELAWARE INTER]. [PO AGENT & DELAWARE INTER] provide numerous innovative and comprehensive management

solutions to customers. CORP SERVICES is wholly owned and operated independently by partner in each country, [PO

AGENT & DELAWARE INTER] cooperate closely with its domestic and abroad of  Delaware Inter Inc and provide legal advice and new economic information  resources  company to customers. Main business scope: involved in registering

company in many countries, accounting tax, listing services, annual inspection services of company and private client and

trust funds, bank business of other overseas countries.


We have professional knowledge, at the same time with a new angle to provide highly personalized, customer-first and highly prospective service to customers, expand the value and utility of customers. Whether in a single region or across multiple  jurisdictions region, customers can get the integrated solution across the various service areas. Three are often business network across multiple jurisdiction area in our management institutions, so we usually contact with professional

advisors around the world, and solve communication problems arose in such circumstances. and provide more services for customers in the United States which has excellent resources. We have developed into suppliers who have multiple

service capabilities.

目前市场上有这么多的注册服务公司,为何选择【PO AGENT& DELAWARE INTER】?

At present, there are so many registration service company in market, why choose [PO


    几年来, 我们已成为了质量和服务领先的供应商,并储备了丰富的团队资源和专业知识。使我们能够提供全国性合理的成本效益服务。为客户交付专业的服务。     

Recent years, we have become the leading supplier in quality and service, and we reserve rich team

resources and professional knowledge. We can offer reasonable cost-effective service around the world. Provide professional services to customers.

  【PO AGENT& DELAWARE INTER】在中国区域推出的品牌包括:专业办理美国、英国、澳大利亚、香港、BVI、新西兰、伯利兹、塞舌尔国家公司全程注册,美国飞线电话,美国商务旅游、跨国公司经理人签证及全球各国签证;私募股权、信托基金等多项业务。

[PO AGENT & DELAWARE INTER] launched brands in China region include: Professional registering company in US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, BVI, New Zealand, Belize, Seychelles, United States telephone, US

business travel, managers visa of multinational companies and visas around the world; private equity, trusts and many other business.


Enterprise service concept


Listen-listen to the needs of customers, (to develop the best solution for customers, listening to

the suggestions of customer).


Accurate positioning, made satisfaction program for the customer.


Feedback-that is adjust in time to the feedback information of the customer, consider for the



Customer first, strive to maximize the interests of customers.


Help-that is to solve  the difficult problem of customer timely, help customers is also help



Efforts-employees also have to work hard, efforts of staff  make the company develop better.


Personnel training and reserve plan, to provide development platform for the staff.


Learning-continuous learning in order to provide better service for customer, learning help us grow better.


Continuous to learn how to provide better service to customer and master industry forefront



Growth-employees continued success, the company will become bigger and stronger, growth of the

company can provide better service for customers.   



Enterprise Culture


Enterprise culture center of Delaware Inter is listening, in three years of continuous development

and summarize experience, Delaware Inter develop a way of listening to the needs of customerand



1. Listen to the requirements of customer, in the consultation of customer, think what customer think, think needs of the customer, customer is the center, listening as the guide, provide the most

appropriate services to customers.


2. Listen to the views of staff, adhere to the integration of enterprise and employees, training

the concept that staff consider the company as home, in order to promote the common growth of the

company and employees.


Enterprise Vision


Industry leaders, field first.


Slogan - we will strive for companies in China expand to the world.


Our staff should work hard, only enterprise developed can provide a better environment for you,

enterprises and employees play a better efficiency, can serve more company to go abroad. 


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